Star was highly instrumental in my discovery and transition to a raw food
diet.  With her help and raw foods I was able to lose weight, lower my blood
pressure and cholesterol, and finally become free of the allergies I
suffered with since childhood. I recommend Star as a teacher and health care
professional–she is patient and understanding of each individual and truly
cares about people.    ~

Dan Ladermann, co-director Living Light Culinary Arts Institute


Dr. Star Ladermann assisted me in turning around my acidic PH body into a more highly alkaline, more highly performing machine.   After a series of Colonics, nutritional adjustments and green drinking, I feel much more energetic.  I have lost 14 pounds and I was recently diagnosed cancer free.  I am a stage 3-C Breast Cancer survivor.  However, what I realized is that I survived the Chemo and radiation therapy.  During my Second round of Chemo, I suffered a life threatening auto immune blood disease.  My immune system had become so compromised that I almost died.  I tried some nutritional supplements delivered by a naturopath but that was not enough to counteract the heavy Chemotherapy drugs.

Dr. Ladermann began a series of colonic treatments, fasting, nutritional supplements, raw food and green drinking, along with regular resting periods.   I was recently diagnosed with a small tumor mass with an imaging scan.  After three weeks of continued green drinking and diet adjustments, Doctors at UCSF Cancer center in San Francisco were no longer able to detect any sign of cancer.   The information that I have received from Dr. Ladermann has changed the way I care for myself and will most definitely extend the quality of my life for years to come in keeping me cancer free.   My body will be more capable of naturally repairing my organs from the damage of chemotherapy.

I strongly encourage anyone considering traditional chemotherapy, or those who have already had chemotherapy to set up a consultation with Dr. Ladermann.   I am so grateful to have this information and be able to enjoy my family and pursue my life purpose for years to come.    ~Lisa


Before I met Dr. Ladermann I was 60 pounds overweight.  I felt tired and had no energy 30 minutes after waking up.  I also had migranes 2 – 3 times a week.  Her program literally changed my life.  Just following her easy and effective recommendations for diet and cleansing I lost 23 pounds in 2 months.  My migranes completely went away (along with my cravings for sugar and carbs) and I have energy all day long.  I just want to thank her for guiding me to a better lifestyle.   ~ Olga C.
I woke up one day and I was desperate for help.  I was on 5 medications and going downhill fast.  I weighed 267 lbs at just over 5 feet tall.  I was miserable and prayed for an answer.  I found Dr. Ladermann on line and she got me in that day.  With her help I’ve lost over 100 lbs and kept it off for over two years now.
She taught me how to eat and lead a healthy lifestyle.  She believed in me and encouraged me that I could make a change that would last forever.  I am off all my medication now and my blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar have all returned to normal.  I am no longer depressed and I am sleeping at night.  I have plenty of energy now and I love my new lifestyle.  My husband can now wrap his arms all the way around me.  Needless to say we are both extremely grateful.  Thank you Dr. Ladermann!   ~Aleta Dailey