Zen of Healthy Living Raw Foods

Weight Loss Programs

Dr. Ladermann will evaluate your weight loss goals and provide a specialized program to fit your needs.  She will determine which organs and glands need support along with whole body nutritional needs.
This is a process of decreasing acidity and removing toxins from the body along with whole living food nutritional supplementation which supports general health and weight loss.  Making these changes usually produces rapid results and guidance is given for maintenance programs as well.
Call for more information and schedule your appointment today.

Nutritional Programs

Your body contains 80 – 100 trillion cells.  When given proper nutrients, every cell produces energy to keep the body working perfectly.
Approximately 24 billion cells die every day and must be replaced by new cells.  These new cells require essential nutrients in order to function properly.  When these nutrients aren’t received and toxins limit your ability to replace new cells it leads to degeneration.
Losing cells faster than you can replace them leads to organs and systems weakening and eventually failing.  The typical American diet is based on over processed, over cooked, preserved and refined without life.
What you put into your body in the form of clean, living organic whole foods will rebuild, restore and speed up the process of bringing balance to your body. Call us for a consultation.

QRA  (Quantum Reflex Analysis)

QRA is a simple, safe and effective assessment tool for analyzing the body’s biofield, it’s reflex patterns and nutritional needs.  Dr. Ladermann works with Premier Research Labs in supporting the organ and glandular systems.  We also implement the use of Mud Packs for interference fields. For more info.

Colon Cleansing and Detox

A clean and healthy colon is essential for good digestion, proper absorption of nutrients and the elimination of waste. Colon Cleansing and Detox Programs Available. For more info.