Dr. Ladermann uses the practice of QRA in assessing and balancing the body.  She incorporates obtaining proper body pH, hormone support, body detoxification, immune function and rejuvenation support.  She believes in the body’s ability to heal itself by removing that which is causing harm and adding  the support it needs.

Scars and traumas to the body may create interference fields which affect the body energetically and need to be cleared so proper nutrition may be utilized.  This may be accomplished through the use of mud packs once the interference field is located.

Understanding Quantum Physics we know that every organ and gland resonates at its own specific frequency.  Premier Research Labs has done extensive research identifying the ideal nutrients which resonate at the level of each healthy organ and gland.

Animal glandulars are not used because they resonate lower than optimally healthy human glands.   Living or once living nutrients have the highest resonance frequencies for optimal support.

Dr. Ladermann incorporates cleansing as part of the detoxification process.  She provides extensive nutrition and diet education, including how and where to obtain your food as well as the preparation of it.