Dr. Star Ladermann has been practicing Chiropractic and Nutrition for over 28 years.

Dr. Star Ladermann

Dr. Star Ladermann

She experienced major health issues at an early age and later found them to be diet related. After years of being overweight and trying everything else to lose weight, she found the answer through proper diet and nutrition.

She lost over 50 pounds in her thirties and has kept it off ever since. Her passion is to teach others how to achieve their optimum weight and health by changing the way they eat. She has been actively teaching raw food preparation for over 20 years. She graduated Palmer College of Chiropractic West in 1988 and has attended Optimum Health Institute and Hippocrates.

She is also a certified colon hydrotherapist with many years of experience. Weight loss is her specialty and she has helped thousands of patients obtain their weight loss goals and given them the tools they need to maintain their ideal weight.

She is a trained QRA practitioner through Premier Research Labs. Believing that nature works with the body to provide it’s own healing, she works with balancing the body through living or once living nutrients.

Dr. Ladermann practices what she teaches and strives to be a living example to others looking to lose weight and obtain optimal health.